Ode to Eugène ATGET

Posted on: 03-5-2011 Posted in: Ode to the Greats

“Between 1897 and 1927 Atget captured the old Paris in his pictures. His photographs show the city in its various facets: narrow lanes and courtyards in the historic city center with its old buildings, of which some were soon to be demolished, magnificent palaces from the period before the French Revolution, bridges and quays on the banks of the Seine, and shops with their window displays. server information He photographed stairwells and architectural details on the façades and took pictures of the interiors of apartments. His interest also extended to the environs of Paris”read more

There is an old adage “that the best camera is the one you have with you” This scene pasted before my eyes on the way to the Apple store. With nothing but my iPhone I captured this image with the the old master in mind.