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“He experimented with several new photographic techniques, and eventually favored his “Mammoth Camera,” which used large glass plate negatives, and a stereographic camera. He became famous for his series of photographs and historic stereoviews of Yosemite Valley in the 1860s that helped influence Congress’ decision to establish the valley as a National Park in 1864.”


Here is a photograph of mine from a recent visit to Yosemite National Park. The processing of the image was with Watkins in mind.
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Posted on: 01-5-2011
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Torchiere Arts is pleased to offer a weekend photography retreat in Shenandoah National Park. With the aid of professional photographers and artists, Eric Zippe and Trula Blize, you will discover and capture your personal experience in the splendor and grandeur of Shenandoah. Join us for a two night excursion inside the park where you will amble along capturing images of flora and fauna in wonderful areas such as Limberlost Trail and Dark Hollow Falls. Come face to face with the majestic vistas offered from Stoneyman Mountain. Start each morning with a breathtaking photographer’s sunrise dream and end with review and reflections of a day well spent. You deserve to reward yourself with a time of renewing and adventure


Friday – A day of travel and sightseeing. The day will culminate with the photography of a beautiful sunset with Shenandoah National Park 3:00 noon – We will meet will Skyland Lodge located in Shenandoah National Park. This historic resort is located at the top of the fabulous Skyline Drive. Skyland Resort was established in 1886 as the perfect spot for a retreat. whois domain name At an elevation 3,680 feet the resort offers breathtaking views of the entire Shenandoah Valley. Once we have checked into the resort we will head out to see a few of the sights and set up to capture a spectacular sunset. Following the evening meal we will take time to review the day and critique what we have captured and prepare for the following day’s excursion.

Saturday – Prepare yourself for a fun filled day that will literally start before dawn. Capturing the memories of a wonderful sunrise in Shenandoah will be a highlight of this trip and one for you to cherish. A visit to the Big Meadows Visitor Center will then follow breakfast. This will allow us the time to learn a bit about the natural and anthropological history of the area. There will be several locations that will be visited throughout the day each offering a unique photographic experience. Places such as Dark Hollow Falls, Limberlost Trail, and Stoneyman Mountain are among the sights along the days adventures. After an active day of hiking and sightseeing we will have dinner and then again take the opportunity to review what we have seen. Sharing the day’s highlights with our travel mates and receiving insight from the photography guides will insure a rewarding experience not only for the moment but one that we can view time and time again.

Sunday – A unique characteristic of Shenandoah are the multitude of vistas that are available. We want to be able to offer access to those opportunities so the third day of excursion will again start before sunrise and allow us to capture the sun’s morning rise from a different location providing a different and beautiful perspective. After breakfast we will checkout of the resort. On our way home we will take all the time we need to gain a full appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us and to take time to experience it with camera in hand. domain archive Shenandoah National Park offers something for everyone and it is our goal that you find something unique for you in your adventure to Shenandoah. Our trip will end with you free to explore more or head home

Posted on: 01-5-2011
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