At the current time both Trula and Eric are only available for private instruction. Below is a list of past classes that have been offered and maybe offered again in the future.

Love of photography and fine art is the hallmark of Torchiere Arts. Trula Blize and Eric Zippe have years of experience in the educational field. Their commitment to education of new or seasoned photographers and artists is of the highest priority. Classes are constructed to meet the needs of a widely varied and diverse group of students. Break out that new Christmas camera, dust off that interest of years past or take the opportunity to explore and increase your current knowledge bass by participating in one or more of the courses offered throughout the year by Torchiere Arts.

Torchiere Arts is pleased to offer opportunities for photographers to travel and capture the beauty of natural settings . Daytrips are a wonderful time to spend time in nature with your camera under the expert guidance of professional photographers. Capture those wonderful sunrises, sunsets, expanding vistas, wildlife, or the petals of your favorite flower or the harvesting of pollen by a honey bee. Torchiere Arts excursions take you into the wonderment of nature and teach you how to bring that wonderment home and display it for future enjoyment.

Photography Classes and Workshops Spring 2011

Torchiere Arts is pleased to announce upcoming photography courses and seminars for the Spring of 2011.  Professional photographers Eric Zippe and Trula Blize will be presenting information across a broad range of experience levels.  Whether you are the proud recipient of a wonderful new camera for Christmas and wanting to maximize its potential or seeking to expand you current knowledge base of photography, there is a course being offered during Spring of 2011 designed to meet your needs.  Courses, with the exception of the Shenandoah Retreat and The Magic of Cherry Trees in Spring, are all taught in the artists’ studio.

Attendance is limited to eight students  per course, with the exception of the Shenandoah Retreat and The Magic of Cherry Trees in Spring.  Please contact us at or call us at 888-285-5805 ext. 0 as soon as possible to secure your place.

Multi-Week Classes

Exploring Your Digital Camera
You finally have that camera you have been asking for! Or maybe that camera you so wanted has been sitting in the case for a while because you don’t quite know what all those buttons and knobs do. This is the course for you. Instructed by Eric Zippe and Trula Blize
Point and Shoot Camera Exploration –
January 15, 22, 2011
10:00am-12:00pm $45.00
SLR (single lens reflex) Camera Exploration-
January 15, 22, 2011
1:00pm-3:00pm  $45.00
Learning to See Creatively
This course will help the photography student begin to see things from a new perspective in order to avoid developing some of those bad visual habits that produce dull and uninventive images. Practicing with this new creative perspective will help students to develop real photographic vision and to make those images with a real “wow” factor. Instructed by Trula Blize

January 13, 20, 27,
February 3, 2011
6:30pm-8:30pm $65.00

Digital Photography Introductory Level
Designed to take the digital photographer from using automatic camera settings to having effective and creative control over manual settings. Topics covered in this course include shutter speed, aperture (f/stops), depth of field, and selective focus and will enable the student to be on his way to creating those dreamed of images. Instructed by Eric Zippe

January 25,
February 1, 15, 22, 2011
6:30pm-8:30pm $65.00
(note that no class will be held on February 8, 2011, as the instructor will be out of town on assignment)

From Shutter to Print
This course de-mystifies the entire digital photography process, covering highlights from the moment the student pushes the shutter button to having a print in hand. Topics include transferring images from the camera to proper storage units; sorting, labeling and saving images; using introductory software techniques to enhance the student’s photographic vision; and then preparing the image for print. Instructed by Eric Zippe

March 1, 8, 15, 22, 2011
6:30-8:30pm $65.00

Natural Light Portraiture Photography
For the person who photographs people!  This course shows the student how to use natural light to create engaging and flattering portraits that make both the photographer and the subject happy. Topics covered include backgrounds, posing techniques, photographer/subject communication, light manipulation, and group portraits.
Instructed by Trula Blize

March 24, 31,
April 7, 14, 2011
6:30-8:30pm $65.00

Close-up Photography Level II
This course is intended for the student who has already had an introduction to close-up photography and its specific tools. The student will take control of composition, depth of field, and selective focus to a whole new level!  There will also be instruction on color theory, design principles, and lighting techniques. Adequate time in class will be given to shooting in order to explore that magic world of up-close photography.
Instructed by Trula Blize

February 17, 24,
March 3,10, 2011
6:30pm-8:30pm $65.00

Fundamentals of Nature Photography
This course is for the student who enjoys and wants to learn more about outdoor nature photography. Students will learn the use of helpful photographic equipment. Other topics covered will be composition, location, light, and creative control of camera functions such as depth of field, aperture and shutter speed. Instructed by Eric Zippe
March 29,
April 5, 12, 19, 2011.
6:30-8:30pm $65.00

One Day Workshops

On Camera Flash workshop

This workshop will cover the use of built-in flash and hot shoe mount flashes to give the best possible results. Students learn how to avoid the shiny-forehead and deer-in-the-headlights looks in their portraits! And they learn how to create drama and mystery in their shots and how to get light in exactly the desired place. Instructed by Eric Zippe

February 19, 2011.

10:30am-3:30pm $45.00

Organic Still Life in Natural Light Photography
a course for the person who likes to arrange things.  All kinds of things.  Learn how to best collect, arrange and photograph groups of inanimate objects.  Learn how to mix objects, often unlikely objects, together to create a composition that causes the viewer to take a second look.
Learn how to use and manipulate light to show that composition. Class discussion will include use of backgrounds, color, shape, line and texture. Plenty of course time will be given to arranging and photographing! Instructed by Trula Blize
April 28,
May 5, 12, 19, 2011.

6:30-8:30 $65.00

Photographing the Magic of Cherry Trees in Spring, One Day Workshop
A morning of pure enjoyment at Brandywine Park in Wilmington, DE. The cherry trees bloom before they leaf out and provide endless opportunities for compelling photographs.  Basic camera operations will be covered as will the use of neutral density and polarizing filters as well as instruction on how to use the morning light and how to compose the perfect shot. Instructed by Eric Zippe and Trula Blize

April 2, 2011.
9:00am – 12:00pm $40.00

Spring Photographic Retreat

Shenandoah National Park Photo Retreat Weekend
A two night excursion inside Shenandoah National Park where students will capture images of flora and fauna in areas like Limberlost Trail and Dark Hollow Falls, a sunset from Stoneyman Mountain and sunrises from breathtaking vistas. Instructed by Eric Zippe and Trula Blize

The date and cost of this trip is currently being drafted.   If you are interested in this amazing trip, please contact us and we will make sure you receive the latest information as it develops.