About the Artists

Trula K Blize
bio/Artist Statement
Texture excites me, giving me an almost insatiable need to skim my fingers over the surface of things.  I hear singing in the wind.  I am happy with the smell of ink on paper, and orange is only one of my favorite colors.  My mind’s viewfinder is constantly filled with shape and form and contour.

Outside my artistic endeavors, my  professional background includes a stint in the corporate world as a human resources director and many years as a classroom instructor, teaching everything from kindergarten to high school English to college level art.  I have a passion for people and for guiding students into seeing and understanding what was previously hidden and nebulous.  Currently, I am a founding member of Torchiere Arts, LLC, a company specializing in visual arts services, learning and artistic fulfillment. Torchiere Arts provides me a platform from which to share and teach my love of art in a private and semi-private environment.

My photography covers a broad range of subjects from extreme close-up shots to huge landscape vistas, but always it is intimate and poetic.  I have discovered that every object has a voice which begs for a listening audience.  When I photograph, I find it is my responsibility to be the conduit for those voices.  I look deeply into an ordinary blossom and hear its immutable strength.  I gaze at rain covered leaves and sense the refrains of fragility.  Trees fading into the fog speak of fleeting simplicity.

I photograph because I can’t not photograph.  It is part of what I am.  When I hold my camera, the chaos and demons are quiet. When I am making something, my spirit rejoices.  Mostly, though, my photography is for sharing.  My images are intended to be a rich visual experience, so I invite you to enjoy.

Artist Statement
My involvement in fine art photography began in the early 1990’s. My work is oftenconceptually based, relying heavily on the use of found locations and subjects as equivalents. It is designed to invoke thought with feeling and to transport the viewer simultaneously intothe physical location of the image and into the viewer’s own subconscious. I use methods and techniques from both analog and digital that pay respect to the art’s great past.


Eric  has spent many hours and traveled many miles honing his talents as a visual artist specializing in fine art and
commercial photography. Eric received a BFA from the University of Delaware’s Fine Arts program. He has developed his
own style and vision while learning from such notable photographers as Peter Croydon, Jay Maisel, Robert Llewellyn, and
Arthur Meyerson, John Weiss and Priscilla Smith. His photo career can be described as eclectic, as he has worked in such
photographic fields as wildlife and travel photography, portraiture, commercial and sports photography, photojournalism,
and digital photo retouching. Ericʼs client list includes Fila shoes, Budweiser and Mercedes Benz.
His work has been published and exhibited to great acclaim both nationally and internationally and he is a multiple award
wining artist. When asked what his favorite thing about photography is, he just smiles and says, “The reaction the viewer
has to my images.”

Eric has been an adjunct faculty member at Cecil College, North East, Maryland, where he has taught digital imaging,
studio photography, and nature and wildlife and travel photography. Many of his students have gone on to be award winning
artist themselves. Currently, Eric is a founding member of Torchiere Arts LLC, a company specializing in visual arts
services, learning and artistic fulfillment. At Torchiere Arts, Eric has found an environment to pass on his acquired
knowledge, experience and passion for the arts in a private and semi-private environment.